A Run to Remember

Hello, everyone!

I have been unfortunately MIA over the past couple of months. I found myself in a constant stress and rush in order to finish out part of my senior year of college. Upcoming finals and course papers temporarily consumed my life and kept me busy. After the semester came to an end, I found myself struggling to sit down and write. I found myself in sort of a writer’s slump, when you cannot find a focal point for your writing to take you. Hence the writer’s block, I took some time off from writing. The absence has indeed strengthened my miss for writing.

There is something special about writing, hearing your fingers rapidly clicking against the keyboard and watching the words scramble line after line. In my absence, I have been trying to finish my senior year of college as well as taking on many new roles. I found myself in a volunteer role in helping people in the community, and I found myself in an advocacy role of helping children who are going through the child welfare system. Life has definitely pounded down on me this past year, not allowing me to take some quiet time for myself. Since the beginning of my last semester in college, I have found myself in a frantic panic from the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep. Yes, I have allowed myself to become consumed in my daily tasks. So this is me, taking some time to sit down and do one of the things that I love to do – WRITE.

To be honest, I did feel that writers flame be lit again when I had the small opportunity over the summer to travel. More specifically, the moment I saw Lake Michigan with the numerous sail boats, I felt the immediate urge to sit down and write my thoughts and feelings in that moment. Once again, life consumed me when I got back. This past week I was able to take a small break from my daily activities and make some time for myself. In doing so, I decided to go for a run. I used to be an avid runner doing half marathons, until unexpected knee surgery prevented me from doing so. The past year was very discouraging as I found myself trying to get back to something else I love doing.This past week, I went for a four mile run. That might not seem like a lot, but it was more than I have done since my surgery and it felt AMAZING! I found a running trail that looped throughout the woods and farmland, making for a breathtakingly gorgeous morning run! The past number of months have been hectic, but it does feel as if things are starting to settle down for the time being. Hopefully I can get back to writing and running!

I have missed you guys!


The gorgeous running trail!


Lake Michigan


Lake Michigan


I did get a picture with “Steph Curry!”

See you soon,



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