Spring Break

Happy Spring to you all! This past week my university celebrated Spring Break, an amazing week of no classes as a break before the second half of the semester comes in full force. In recent years, my goal of Spring Break was to always keep myself as busy as I possibly could. I have never gotten the opportunity to travel as much as I would enjoy. Spring Break, every year, became my one dominate opportunity that I would attempt to cram extravagant plans into one week, all while continuing the unending list of schoolwork requirements. By the time my week-long break would come to a halt, the week was not at all relaxing like it should have been.

I continue hearing the same quote over and over, “Quality, not quantity.” This very quote is what I incorporated into my Spring Break this year. Instead of attempting to visit multiple states in a limited number of days, I focused on fully appreciating my day’s adventures even if they were sparse this time around.

The week was actually relaxing, getting to spend quality time with friends and family. The latter part of the week, I took a trip to Oklahoma and was able to relish in all of the farmlands we drove through. The trip itself was not elaborate. The day of the trip fell on St. Paddy’s Day, while most businesses were offering some sort of festivities-themed activities. Instead of planning every small detail about the day’s travel agenda, the traveling activities occurred effortlessly. The people we met along the way were all compassionate and friendly – even making time for some March Madness basketball games!

After exploring the towns we drove through and stopped to talk with friendly locals, we happened to discover a cabin-themed steakhouse that we stopped for dinner. This cabin restaurant was breathtakingly exquisite. The food tasted homemade, while they happily served St. Paddy’s Day-themed alcoholic beverages.

Once returning back to my hometown, the residents of where I live gathered together for some live music to celebrate the festivities of St. Paddy’s Day. There is nothing like live music to end a great day with your hometown!

I have always became engrossed in what other people had planned for Spring Break, feeling the need to conjure multiple plans for the break. The older I have gotten, I have realized that it does not relate to the amount of plans you make; it actually relates to how well you take in the plans you make. The same idea can be seen through multiple scenarios.

Instead of focusing on the quantity of anything, try focusing on the quality of that same thing. I promise you will walk away with more from that, as opposed to walking away exhausted with nothing memorable to show for it.

Another Spring Break has come and gone, and the second half of the semester is already beginning to bear down on me. Who knows how I will be spending Spring Break next year, as I will have already graduated college by then! I did thoroughly enjoy the quality time I received this past week, and I want to encourage you to find the same quality time in your lives! Thank you for reading and I will see you soon!

St Paddys Day

First time trying a St. Paddy’s Day themed drink!


Taking photos by the state sign is a necessity.


In order to commemorate the first day of spring time, here are some gorgeous tulips I stumbled upon!

Have a wonderful weekend,



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