“I’m Possible”

A question I found interesting within my daily devotional is found in the book of Genesis, chapter eighteen and verse fourteen. The verse of my interest is, “Is anything impossible for the Lord?” The story behind the notable verse relates to the lives of Abraham and Sarah. Abraham and Sarah were unable to have children throughout their childbearing years. Both of them began losing hope that they would ever be able to have children together. Just as they began to close that chapter of their lives, the Lord claimed He would bless them with the ability to bear children. Abraham initially seemed confused if the Lord could actually bless them with such a thing. Sarah, on the other hand, laughed at the Lord’s claims. They were both hesitant on whether or not that was even possible.

Even though Abraham and Sarah were well in their years of age, the Lord blessed them with a son. Something that neither of them believed could happen, given their age and previous failed attempts of bearing children. Through this very story, the Lord showed how nothing is too small or big for Him to handle. Nothing is proven to be impossible for the Lord, as he is capable of anything.

While not everyone is religious, the concept can still be relatable to a wide variety of circumstances. First and foremost, sometimes we create our own mental roadblock, forming only one-way streets and round-a-bouts. We create obstacles and “do not enter” signs within our mind when it comes to various circumstances. We hold on to the idea of being inadequate to something we are passionate about, usually giving up on our passion or not trying at all. We tend to hold ourselves back within our comfort zones because we are afraid of failure.

The more you ponder, the more you realize just how many opportunities are continuously surrounding us on a daily basis. We allow those opportunities to fade in our presence, due to the idea that achieving that goal is impossible, or the reasoning that someone else deserves it more. While being selfless is an exquisite characteristic, each and every person deserves the right to find happiness and reach their goals.

I do not know what conflicting thoughts you may be experiencing, but I hope you use this message as a form of encouragement to go after the things that are much bigger than yourself. Find something you are comfortable with, and then go one step further. Do not let fears rule you. Discover something that you are passionate about and aim for achieving that purpose. Your goals might be down the lines of stepping up to an officer position in a club or organization, or even relate to applying for your dream job. Do not let those amazing opportunities pass you by. You would be surprised at the simple fact of nothing is impossible. I am reminding myself of this verse or mantra as I continue the search for my dream job with my psychology degree. I wish you all the best in your current and future endeavors. Thank you for reading!


I found this quote on the internet and thought it was an interesting way of perceiving this concept.

I would love to hear your feedback.

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