Wednesday’s Traditions

Tradition – the transmission of customs or beliefs being passed along from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in a particular manner. The concept of tradition is my focus in this writing agenda. To me, creating some form of tradition is an exciting adventure with the anticipation of continuing those same actions or events. Throughout my years in college, I have not made any noticeable traditions that I knew of. Sure, I found myself over-involved in many clubs and organizations that would have scheduled meeting times and whatnot, but I would not consider those to be traditions. Rather, I would consider those to be a crucial aspect of joining the club or organization. I may have not created my ideal traditional adventures until my senior year of college, I would not give these present moments away for anything.

My best friend and one of her guy friends originally started the tradition of meeting up for lunch on Wednesdays in between classes. Their Wednesday lunch shenanigans quickly turned into an ever-growing lunch escapade, consisting of a growing number of people each week. Once I became aware of their lunch sessions, I definitely wanted to join in! Week after week, the three of us have continued our lunch adventures between college classes. Each week, we decide to eat lunch at a different restaurant, sometimes taking turns on bringing a guest to increase our lunch socials.

The first time I joined my best friend and her friend for lunch, I instantly knew this was something I yearned for each week – to have lunch with an increasing group of friends. Our weekly lunches have given me too many great memories to choose only one memorable moment to discuss. In totality, our lunch events have become an opportunity to speak of things that may be bothering us, or offer support and condolences when something might not be right. Our lunch sessions have become a place where your stomach hurts when you leave – not because you ate too much, but because of the great laughter that accompanies it.

This week’s lunch thrill was somewhat different, as classes and schedules unexpectedly got mixed up. Even though my group of friends and I were not able to render our weekly lunch plans, my best friend and I did not let that stop us from continuing our tradition. Our lunch plans on Wednesday might not have been exactly what we planned for, we still took the time to appreciate every moment we were able to create despite our busy schedules. On Wednesday, we chose to gather outside by the beautiful lake on our campus, in an attempt to complete some assignments; however, we chose to turn our attention to the nature around us while we had the opportunity of discussing how our week’s have been going thus far. Gorgeous sunshine and amazing friendship are two things that can turn your entire day around.

Wednesday’s have quickly become one of my favorite days of the week due to having the opportunity of having lunch with some great friends. Research does say laughter is a phenomenal influence on boosting one’s mood! Week after week, I look forward to catching up with everyone and experiencing what memorable events will occur that day. I have learned to appreciate every small moment. Life can be hectic, especially when attempting to schedule around the lives of numerous people in order to find a time that works best for everyone to meet up. Our Wednesday lunch festivities have become a tradition that I will appreciate up until we all graduate and go our separate ways. I cannot wait to see what our tradition has in store for us next week! Thank you for reading!

I would love to hear about your traditions!


The gorgeous lake on our campus!

See you soon lovelies,



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