First blog post

I saw the most inspirational post on social media today. The post was about how we should all take a moment to step back from our busy lives in order to fully appreciate all of the small things right in front of us, sometimes those things that we simply fail to notice for being in such a rush. This particular post resonated with me on a deep level, for I have always been one of those people who never stepped back to take in all of the breathtaking things around me. Instead, I have always relied on a calendar book to feed me information about my day’s agenda without holding my head up long enough in order to notice the small things occurring all around me. Like I mentioned, the motivational aspect to that very post has become my personal mantra over the past year when I first started training for half-marathons. I have always been the type of person to enjoy nature; however, I was not fully appreciating nature in its wholeness. Training for half-marathons forced me to wake incredibly early, sometimes before the sun rose. Those early morning runs, in what people would say as the blistering cold, was rejuvenating. Not only was the physical exertion from my run exhilarating, I was able to rise before most people in town only to see what some people are missing out on – the sunrise. I didn’t only go on morning, training runs. Some days I would run at night, just in time to awe at the beautiful sunset before the day would turn into night. Training for my races taught me a lot in regards to being more appreciative of the beautiful things we have in our lives around us.

I am by no means trying to encourage any of you to start running half-marathons (even if they are fun and rewarding). I want to encourage you to give yourself fully in the moment when you are going for a walk outside or having lunch with a friend. I actually have a related story to watching the sunset this week. I am a full-time college student and have many other things on my plate, all at once sometimes, and it can be quite overwhelming at times. This week I had about the same amount of work I am normally faced with; however, this week I experienced an overwhelming sense of emotions to the point that I was completely unsure as to where I should even begin. Even if you are unsure where to begin, you still have to start somewhere. I am from the south and winter is fairly nonexistent around here. One day this week, the weather was absolutely perfect with such gorgeous sunshine. Instead of completing work indoors, I chose to complete my criminal law work outdoors. In doing so, I got to watch yet again, another breathtaking sunset. In my opinion, watching the sunrise or sunset just has some way of captivating you.

As the title of my blog implies, I am from a small town. Growing up, I have always believed in order to fully take in everything around you or even find the most inspiration, you have to travel to big cities; however, I am now aware that is not the case. I am more than able of finding beautiful inspiration outside of my doorway, as I could find in a bigger city. With my blog, I want to encourage you all to find your inspiration, to appreciate everything around you, to take the time out of your day to fully be present in the moment, and to finally know you are capable of doing these things whether you live in a small town like myself or a bigger city like New York. I hope you all have a lovely day, and thank you for reading!


I had the opportunity of capturing this beautiful sunset over the summer, resembling that of an angel.

See you soon,



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